"This athlete knows how to prepare. He knows where he wants to go and the process that it is going to take to get there."

One of the most looked upon qualities that is respected by coaches is preparation. An athlete that prepares for competition distills any notion of not being ready to perform. No matter what profession you are in, poor preparation is intolerable!

Think back to when you were scared to go to class... you receive your mark... and after a quick glance at the low grade you immediately turn over your paper. WHY?

During your second year of Midget you get called up. You step on the ice mid-way through your first Junior appearance in November. Your team is down 4-1. You end up lossing the game 7-4. WHY?

Unfortunately for many, first appearances have a large affect on some athletes. Fans, coaches, and scouts may view your performance for the first time... which could be the first and only time. The game that you had stepped in to play could have been that make it or break it game.

Questions soon start to arise. Will there be another chance? Will I get another opportunity?

To give it your all, and to produce a strong performance, you must prepare. Preparing properly starts in the off-season. This is the time to refine and critique your game. Compared to training during the season, you have the ability to create and organize a plan right down to each detail towards what you would like to work on and develop. No more 15 minutes of panic after practice or working out once every second week. This stress free environment is open for you!

Now...don't waste it! Your future plans depend on your present actions that you take today!

Don't wait and leave the chance for you to ask yourself the questionWHY?