With 30 players remaining on their preseason roster, the Chiefs take on Everett Friday at 11 a.m. The Chiefs have three goalies, 10 defensemen and 17 forwards remaining on their roster. Meanwhile on the opposing side the Everett Silvertips have there goaltending position in the spotlight as their three remaining goaltenders have all been up to the task to play well enough to stay in the mix. Everett has three goaltenders battling for the two roster spots. Seventeen-year-old Austin Lotz was the back-up last season, while 18-year-olds Trombley and Andy Desautels are looking to break into the league. All three made a case last weekend during Everett's first three exhibition games. "We've got three very capable goalies here right now," Everett coach Mark Ferner said. "I know the first game we were a little bit nervous, but I thought the second and third game everyone played pretty well. The waters are still a little muddy here." For more on Everett's goaltending report Click Here. For the report on Spokane Click Here.