Looking for a quick way to take your game to next level? Look no further, on our new GDI Goaltending blog we will provide you with some fast and effective drills to help you reach your maximum potential and boost that save percentage from all areas of the ice! This week we have a great drill to engage our tracking and reads that can be done as a warm-up or a competition game at the end of practice. Here we will have our shooter standing at about the top of the circle (the shooter can be moved in or out to increase or decrease the difficulty respectively). The goaltender will start on either post, make sure to alternate each rep, and on the shooters ‘GO’ the goaltender will step off of the post to face a shot from the middle of the ice to any part of the net. Shooters, shoot to score here, and make sure to be deceptive when shooting! Remember when stepping to face the shot from the middle angle we do not need a large T-Push out rather just a small step to the middle to square ourselves for the shot. The purpose of this drill is not movement, rather there is a strong emphasis reading where the puck is going. If you are turning this into a competition drill, play out the rebounds to a maximum of 2 chances, with your game going up to 10. Keys for the goaltender:

1. Track the puck with purpose. Focus on engaging your eyes and the track as soon as the shooter yells ‘GO’. See the puck right away, and follow the puck all the way to the completion of the save. Make sure your eyes track the rebound as well.

2. Read the puck. Basically, this means to know where the puck is going and move with the puck. If it is shot high (above our hips) we should stay on our feet, if it is shot low (below our hips) we should use our butterfly or lead leg pattern to make the save. Additionally, we need to make sure we are tracking forward, with our hands, body, and head, into the puck and moving to the same side of the net it does regardless of whether we are on our feet or making a butterfly or lead leg save. 

3. It’s not just about making saves. Here we want to make sure we have a strong focus on reading the puck, not just winning the competition game or fielding a bunch of random shots in whatever way we would like. To do this we use a different scoring system in which the goalie gains a point if stands on a high shot or goes down on a low shot, or if he moves in the correct direction with the puck (left or right).

Hope you guys enjoy the drill, try to incorporate this into your summer training or spring team practice. Email my at dasan@gdigoaltending.com if you have any questions or want to see a specific type of drill on the next post!

Drill Layout (Click picture to enlarge)

Drill Example - Sydora