Many athletes look to others for motivation. At times they look at other to see what they are doing, how they are going about their daily routine. While it is good to learn from some of the best that have gone through some of the same things that you are going through it is important to know your own standards. We must know what we need to do each day to make us the best that we can be. If someone beside you looks to take the day off because they are feeling run down does this give you the right to follow in their same path? We must have control over what we should be doing to help ourselves get better. There is no need to try to take over someone elses routine or follow someone else lead on what they are doing. Every player is different in the fact that they have their own way of preparing and getting up for each day.   Tips That Will Help You Be Loyal To Your Standards:
  • Remind yourself that these are not rules. They are agreements that you have made with yourself to better yourself. YOU engage in them because you feel like yourself when you do.
  • If we look at things such as getting to the rink early, getting proper rest, taking nights off from going out as tedious then you are looking at everything the wrong way. Again, these are not RULES. Many people fear rules because they mean punishment. Well, if you disobey your standards that you have set then you will simple feel the negative effects - with no personal growth in the end.
  • Just because another team may only have three practices in a week doesn't mean that your team should do the same.
  • Make the most out of your time that you have on the ice. When you go into a team practice, a goalie session, etc.. make sure you treat it like there is nothing more important in the world. This is your time to improve, to get better, to be more confident in your game. We build confidence by having goals and achieving them. Think about using all of the allotted time in a practice to work in detail on your game. If you do that you will have a personal sense of accomplishing something and you will feel at ease going into your next game. With this said, we never want to go into a game thinking about changing our game. Simply think about what you do and how you do it best.
  • Repeat positive self-talk. When we are in silence at home, sitting somewhere outside, or wherever... typically thoughts begin to creep into our mind. We start to think up stories, predictions about what will happen to us. This is not bad. But, we must make sure that we are thinking in a productive manner. Don't stray off into going south - leaning on negatives and imagining poor qualities that we put on ourselves. It is said that when we visually see an action that our muscle fibers are actually twitching and working. Think right, see right, and then you will perform that right way.
  • If we control our mind in the right way, we follow the standards of knowing how we want to be presented to others, we will stick on the track of showing our best self.
  Reminder to Review:
  • Prepare in order to be eager to play
  • Keep strengths on our mind
  • Positive self-talk
Focus: Maintain Confidence... As Confident Goaltenders Lead to Consistent Goalies