SEE THROUGH YOUR OWN EYES: It's the night before the big game. The day of the big game. One hour before you step on the ice... Around these moments there are usually thoughts circling through your mind regarding the game and how it will play out. What one must understand is what thoughts are rich in producing positive results. Talk with a young goaltender this past evening I had mentioned that he must not stress about the end result of the game (Going into the game being down in the series), but rather look at what he must do to himself to help his team. What can YOU bring to the table to help your team succeed. Sport Psychologist Saul Miller relates to athletes using their A, B, C's of their game. A clear sense of your role on the ice must be known... Know your strengths! With this being said it is important to know that many athletes respond in different ways:
  • Needing a challenge
  • Feeling at ease
Feelings and thoughts are linked. If we can understand our "best thoughts" to be thinking the night and day of the game we will be able to affect our feelings in a positive way. Lets think about doing something that you consider being your strength. When you direct the puck to the corner with your stick you can feel yourself being "in control". When you feel in control of what you are doing you will be at ease. Before an athlete steps on the ice these positive thoughts of focusing on ones strengths must be circulating through ones mind. Tune into the channel that you want to be "watching" mentally to get you in that state that will help you produce your best play on the ice! Some athletes need to look at games as a challenge. They may enjoy the fact that it is an elimination game... Others may need to look at things as routine, just another game. KEY: Remember to see things through your eyes. Look at the game on your own channel of thinking.