HOW TO RESPOND TO ADVERSITY: The series is tied. The next game will give your team the advantage of being up three game to two... In a heart wrenching game your team losses. One of the toughest things in sport is to recover in playoffs from being down in a series. The fact is that most players look at where they are at (Being down) rather than what they can do. If you look at being in a classroom or a work setting there are numerous tasks thrown to complete along with results that show success or failure. What is important is the balance of organizing what one must complete. The same must be done mentally beforehand for hockey. When one begins to balance workload with simplicity tasks begin to feel less stressful. Take going into a pressure filled game - If an athlete writes down there tasks that they must be focusing on before they step on the ice, if they create mental cues that will help them stay present then they should have no problem shying away from performing on the ice. We say this lots  - If a goaltender can keep their mind on "What They Can Do" rather than what they can't then they will have a strong route to achieving success. Steer your mind away from thinking about the penalty that your teammate shouldn't have taken in Overtime, push aside the thoughts of the two turnovers at mid-ice that led to good chances against you... Think about what YOU can control to make the difference in your team having success!