SUCCEEDING COMES FROM THE POWER OF BELIEVING In order to perform at your optimal level you must have a strong mental state. Your body should be able to do the work without any hesitation. As a goaltender you are depended upon to shutdown key scoring chances. Saves that will be out of the ordinary, situations where your vision is obstructed or having the puck released while you are still moving into position. Remain calm when you are called upon. Helping you do so will be your visual cues: - Before a game go over scoring chances and opportunities that you will face in the game - Review the simple saves that you must make right down to the finest detail By visually picturing scenarios in your head your mind and body will get ready for the game. Others may go further and watch previous game film. If you picture yourself going through though situations and succeeding then you will be able to acquire that belief before heading into action in a game.