BRING IT EVERY DAY The motto of the United States Olympic Committee is "It's not every four years. It's every day." What exists in the present moment is today. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. I can tell you that the time you take to think about changing the past will only put you further behind from where you want to be. So, simply put, think about the now! An acronym that I love to relate to is "WIN". This was used by the famous American Football Coach Lou Holtz. 'Whats'... 'Important'...'Now'. As you move through the spring, with many of you going into various spring camps and others in the process of being in the Program of Excellence, it is key to stay focusing on one day at a time. Do not get ahead of yourself and sprint to the finish. The same can go for training as you move into the summer months of July and August. Look to achieve small successes daily. All of us want the big picture but this must be achieved slowly. From your small wins you will find large positive results!