After training camp wraps up this is a good time to evaluate your situation of where you are as an individual in your career as an athlete on a personal level. You need to be aware of those things that diminish your personal power or weaken your control. This relates to your vulnerability. It is central to all the mental skills. You need to develop a strong sense of self, a certain self-understanding. Once you identify your habits of thinking and how you have been going about things you will begin to have this self-understanding and awareness. Author and Performance Specialist Consultant Saul Miller presents 6 qualities to his clients that represent a "Winning Attitude". 1. Commitment 2. Motivation 3. Confidence 4. Deserving 5. Identity 6. Mental Toughness He states that these qualities are not independent entities. They are overlapping and interrelated as strengthening one key can strengthen others. With this said this may be a good place to start. Take a look at these six qualities and see the strengths and weaknesses within your character that you may want to improve. Self-awareness is an ongoing process. You must have an ongoing attention to your personal traits and thoughts!