Manage your state in practice. A big key is to look for Progress over perfection! What many athletes struggle with is dealing with their mistakes. Mistakes are good! We learn from them. We develop and become stronger after them. We fall backwards and then climb up the mountain and move forward.   First off, coming up through the spring and summer months I want every goaltender to conquer their fear of failing and have a motive to learn. Every mistake should help you. Look to use them! Although in a game we don't want to be ok with allowing pucks get past us, during times of practice this should remain the same but have a modified mentality where we can dive into what happened, analyze and critique how we faltered. When it comes down to having the feeling of being successful the biggest accomplishment is improving after having many stints of failure. The basis of change is learning and building muscles from failure. You will grow so much stronger from all of the tough times. Power and passion will come from this past and will help you grow to get that area of success that you want. So remember, in the coming weeks and months, use your mistakes! Your Learning = Your Success!