Take Charge of Your Game.Moving through Peewee to Bantam and into Midget you typically have a coach or instructor helping guide you through what you should be working on in the off-season. Through Junior and Pro it is important that you have personal growth in understanding what you must work on. Through these stages if a goaltender dives deep into their game and truly views their strengths and weaknesses they will be able to develop a stronger sense of how they should be training over the course of the off-season. A lot of power is created when an athlete writes down in details what they hope to achieve over the off-season. This creates an inner focus and direction of what one wants to achieve. Now in saying this, before you start training in July makes sure you write down specifically where you want to be when you hit the end of August! Know what you must be doing through the next two months in order to get there. TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR GAME!