What Does Today Bring?Now as we hit the month of July we must know where we stand.  What is on the schedule for today along with the rest of the week? Lets think about the days that you are at school, university, or work. You have an agenda, a plan where you document what is coming up and what you must be ready for. In order to meet your BIG Goals for next season you must feel accomplished and ready.   Know Your PlanSimilar to what you do during the year for preparing for school or work the same should be done for your Off-Season Training. Write down your schedule for each day. Write down 1-3 goals for each session. It is great for your instructor to provide direction for what you are working on but even more effective is that you know where you stand - You direct yourself! As we discussed in our last TMTT "A lot of power is created when an athlete writes down in details what they hope to achieve over the off-season. This creates an inner focus and direction of what one wants to achieve." By planning a road map for your goals and objectives you will feel confident by the end of August that you have trained and prepared properly!