One simple mental area that can get at a goalie is not being able to get over a goal.

When you are practicing you must perform as if it is a game. In competition there is no time off - practice must be the same way. In practice we must understand what went wrong. We must be able to know that it can be fixed - with this theory of fixing a mistake we will be able to believe that we will not always fail. Each practice we face hundreds of shots. Seeing this many pucks we are bound to falter at some point. We are not invincible - goals do happen. The bonus to playing in the game today is that we have video. We can forget about a goal and move on. After a game we can then revisit the mistake and analyze what went wrong - poor read? bad anticipation? poor save selection? What I would like YOU to take from this is that over the course of the summer we must not focus on 1 negative situation. We must relate to the positives - discussing the proper steps that we executed. Adjusting small errors.

KEY: Refocus your mind. After every repetition you should have a blank clear mind that is focusing on What Is Important Now.