Everyone experiences days of defeat, where things just simply don't go right. We also have days where we go home and everything seemed to fall into place.

As athletes we must stay balanced. Mentally we must understand that a poor day at home, with friends, or at work or school, can not have an overall effect on how we perform on the ice. There are different arenas in life. We are in very different atmospheres at work/school, home, and at the arena. It is crucial to understand that what we go through in these different places stay in one place. We must not let one place take control over the next. For example, for myself I can remember going to the arena for practice or for a game and turning on music. Motley Crue was one band that I would always play to start the drive off. This always seemed to clear my head from what ever I was focusing on and get me in a good mood for going to the rink. Maybe it is music or it is a sentence that you repeat to yourself. There must be something that gets you in a good mood - and changes your mindset to being clear and on tasks the approach without any mental distractions. As you continue to go through the summer take this into consideration. Practice! The more we practice our psychological perspective on the game along with our technical game the stronger and more complete athlete we will become!  

KEY: Find ways to adjust your mood - ways to reset and find that mental state that you want to be in!