The summer can be long - it can be tiring.

When we hit the season, know that your commitment to getting better will make things easier! Going through the months of June, July, and now into August we must have a balanced approach to each day. Keep our mind at ease by sectioning your day into components of training and then into other areas with family, work, and friends. We need to enjoy each day that we live - and in the off-season it is important that we do not exhaust ourselves mentally. We want to feel refreshed when we head into the Pre-season. As we start training camp we want that confident feeling of understanding our personal game - not having to worry about how to do a technique or how to respond to a situation. When we get this feeling of "not having to think" we feel in the moment, consumed with the process. In order to get this make sure we balance or days. Stay 100% committed when we are on the ice, and then use your rest when you are off! REMEMBER: Find time to recharge!