Now that you have gone through an extensive 2-3 months of training this is your time to feel the benefits.

Feel confident! Feel strong, big, and in control! We want very little doubt in our game. As we have talked about previously it is important that we act in games. We will not have time to think and play out actions in our head of what we should be doing - we must respond on cue. As each goalie enters training camp it is key to think PLAY! Do not over think your game. Go into camp and take action, play the game and don't over think the position. If we get caught up thinking about where our glove is positioned or where we should be standing we will end up taking our mind off of our external focus which should be in front of us - where the puck is moving, who is a threat on the far-side, who is on the ice... External focuses are important for helping us think PLAY. Enjoy the next few weeks - put pressure on yourself if that helps you compete or if it doesn't relieve yourself of pressure and go back to what you do best - thinking about your strengths!