Today is September 9th. What will you accomplish today?

When we start our day we must have a plan. Athletes are self-motivated and are self-directed. Direction gives us a plan, a road-map to success. Without this we would take on tasks at random.   When you start your day look to have 30-60 minutes of time to look through what must be accomplished coming up for your day. Either the night before or an hour after you wake up you should have a schedule set up for important things that you must do. For example:
  • You have a game tonight - What is the time of the game? Where is it at? When do you have to leave? Are your skates sharpened, do you need a piece of your equipment to be fixed?
  • An assignment is due for class... Will you let this get in your way of preparing for your practice or game or will you set aside time to do it will in advance?
When you plan out your day in order of what must be accomplished you will find you will more at ease when you head to the rink!