What many athletes feel when they start a new season is that everything is different.

If you are playing on the same team as the previous year things may feel very different. New players, new expectations. Feeling uncomfortable is not a bad thing. Athletes that get too comfortable tend to relax and not push themselves to perform and set new standards. We must always look at setting an example. If you are a veteran goaltender you want to be represented as a leader on the team. You want the young rookie netminder to look up to you daily. In addition your teammates depend on you to perform in practice and to push them, making it difficult to score. If you are tough to score on they will get used to facing a competitive goaltender - and will be ready when they play one. Look to never let up. Don't think everything is ok - and that you are safe. Push yourself daily and you will make not only yourself better but your teammates around you!