You got games coming up on Friday and Sunday.

What will you do leading up? You got practice each night in the evening, classes for school during the day... In order to stay motivated for both your two main areas in your life, hockey and school, you must have a plan and set daily objectives.   Either at night or in the morning take some time to write down on paper or type into your phone what you want to achieve the next day. What must be accomplished. If you have a test or a project remind yourself key things you must know. If you have a game jot down things that might need to be done beforehand, such as sharpening your skates, checking over your bag, reviewing the opposition. Later in the evening you have a practice, make sure you have some target areas that you want to focus on.   In our mind we have BIG GOALS that we want to achieve by the end of the year, in three years, or later on in our life. These help push us when times are bad. To stay on track focus on your daily objectives. Get the small tasks done and you will find day by day you will get closer to your big goals.