Every day is different. Every game is different. As an athlete we want to have a similar feeling when we step on the ice. A type of familiarity where we feel good. As one matures they begin to develop routines ...the night before ...the day of a game... and daily habits. Building a routine helps one set their mind and focus towards achieving success. If you set yourself up to feel good, and to be in a mental state of knowing what you must do to be successful, you will set yourself up for success. Now, start to get some habits down through the first 2 months of the season that make a difference for your game. EXAMPLES:
  • Get good rest daily
  • Watch personal highlights of your game
  • Watch pro goaltenders that relate to your game
  • Combine video clips and make a highlight reel of good images for your mind
  • Have a pre-game warm-up routine
  • Have mental trigger words the clue you into keeping your mind on the present
  • Have game objectives that you want to meet that push your competitiveness