Training on the ice with a goalie coach and being in practice with your team are two very different types of practice. In a session with your goalie coach you may have the control over what you would like to work on. You can dictate your focus and put some aim to your improvement. On the opposing side, being in a team practice you are taking part in various types of flow drills, system set-up, and battle and compete drills. With this said, keep in mind when you don't have control of what drills you may be working on... but you do have control of several other things!
  • Work Ethic
  • Visual Attachment on pucks
  • Post-Save Recovery
  • Ice Awareness
  • Communication with Teammates
These are a few areas that can be brought into play in drills during practice. It is YOUR JOB to prepare properly. You are your most important coach.Make sure you take charge of your game each day you are on the ice.