Beside kinesthetically doing a skill, being able to visually see what you need to do is one of the most favorable options to learning. One thing that we brought up yesterday was looking at any NHL game you watch and breaking down what is happening. We brought up the fact that many get focused in on waiting for a goal or looking for an exciting play when watching the game. It is important that as an athlete we watch for details that relate to our own game. As you move through Bantam to Midget and into Junior many goaltenders pick up traits from 2-3 NHL goaltenders that they watch consistently in the NHL. In addition, they watch a game and pick out what they like and don't like about the two goaltenders that are playing at each end. What You Can Do:
  • Think about the acronym "BIW". Being the BEST IN THE WORLD takes an approach of doing things to a standard of excellence. When watching each game pick out the simple habits that the best goaltenders in the world display. Watch Carey Price, Corey Crawford, Henrik Lundqvist and notice how they accept pucks into their body, how they consistently steer pucks into the corner, how they visually track every puck...
  • After viewing an example of a situation that is displayed in a game take that situation and use it next practice. When your coach presents a drill that is similar have that video replay in your head. Picture the same scenario and how you want to play it in comparison to the pro goaltender that you watched.
  • Before a practice or game review video that creates action preparation. This mental practice provides an athlete with a means of facilitating the storage and retrieval from memory of an appropriate action.
Remind Yourself:
  • Success does not come easy!
  • The so called "gifted".... athletes, businessmen, the amazing artists in the world have taken 30+ years to master their craft.
  • To become a master you must focus on the position and be obsessed with the details.
  • Study visually, practice intensely, and play confidently.
  Ending on this closing note, GDI Founder Ian Clark states, "Work in practice/Play in games. Your practices are for work and thought." The games are where you get to enjoy the fruition of your work!