As we talked about last week when we brought up controlling the controllables, what will aid in our mind working to do so is by having fun. Every person has a different sense of fun. Growing up one moves through different stages of what is fun. In the sport of hockey this aspect of fun is something that we want to keep in tact. When one looses sight of this we begin think of the tasks of going to a game, practicing with ones team, training with a goalie coach, watching video... all as work. Homework. What does every student thoughout school put many hours into, with many completing but not mentally enjoying? Home - work. When you break the word down, and view the word WORK one can begin to understand that the word can be stuck in your head for a lifetime. That work is not fun. It is a priority. Now, lets think about something totally different. Pick out a TV show that you love to watch. Why do you like it? What aspects of the show make you enjoy it? It is time to do the same for practice. Everytime you step onto the ice have the aspects about the game and the position that you play circling through your mind. Envision your strengths, the saves that you LOVE to make before each time you enter the ice surface. Athletes that view the game as personal enjoyment, as a committed passion, are the ones that will benefit and improve and from a young age on will stay in the game.Goalies and parents lets keep this in mind!