Peewee - Bantam - Midget - Junior - Pro. Every level a goaltender goes through they will experience a different stage in their life both on and off the ice. At these stages it is important to understand that many different things come into play such as going through a different grade in school, working a job, family/ friends issues. What one must be able to take control while these outside distractions pop up. Importance of "staying in the moment" and "channeling ones focus of attention" comes into play. One must manage their time wisely in order to keep their mind at peace. Going to practice while thinking about conflicts at school will not help. At the junior level  and leading up to being a professional there are many things that arise daily as athletes have finances to deal with, family, volunteering, travel, and more things that arise. Life will always bring up new paths as one moves from the different stages of hockey. Athletes that schedule their day appropriately for events outside of hockey will ultimately create a more powerful effect for when their mind must be fully focused on performing and being at ease before practice or games. Manage Your Time... Manage Your Mind!