This week challenge yourself to see your best daily. Introduce a 5-10 minute period each day in the morning where you visualize how you want to be in a game.   View Yourself: Warming up and seeing shots into your hands, visually tracking the puck through the whole save process... Preparing for a rush from the opposition and having strong ice awareness of threats approaching... Moving with the puck-carrier behind the net and following up a passout to the nearside... Seeing around traffic and then finding a loose puck after it is blocked in front....   PREPARE YOUR MIND AND YOU WILL PREPARE YOUR BODY There is a direct correlation from your mind to your body. When you visualize your actions your bodies muscles trigger and actually prepare for future actions. It is your job to get into the proper mental state before a game, and for many this takes some time to visualize and picture future situations happening.   When we picture success we will remember situations and thus when they happen in a game it will be as if we have already done the process recently.