Many times we have goaltenders that come in for an hour one on one session and do the following:
  • They push themselves to the point of exhaustion
  • They focus every repetition of a drill around the result of a save or a goal
What ends up happening for many of these goalies is that they get in the habits of pushing to over work in practice. Yes, a teams goaltender must be the hardest working player in practice... but in turn we say they must be one of the smartest athletes. Take a game situation such as knowing when a penalty is up or understanding how much time is left in the game and thinking should I play this puck or should I get a whistle.   Next practice start the habit of: Getting a goal orientated focus for drills. Starting to think of what to achieve. Think about a coach starting off practice with a quick flow drill set up specifically to get the players having their feet moving and them shooting. You get three shots in a row. Not the best drill for keeping your post save response in-tact. In turn, think about what we can do - track the puck. Get back to basics and think about what you can do to improve! Other goaltenders may look to over work themselves and develop bad habits in a drill that is not the best for them to a) Follow a rebound b) Develop ice awareness