When we put our mind to focusing on specific areas of our game the duration of practice will go by extremely fast. As a goaltender we want to get wrapped up in the process and the intricacies of the fine details of a goalies personal game.

For example - When practicing glove usage we can go down various roads to zone into having a strict focus: - Focusing on "meeting" the puck out in front of our body - Having our fingers and the pocket of the glove move out to the direction the puck is going - Working towards having full visual attachment from the release of the puck to the point of save execution - Developing a read on the release and initiating proper body adjustments with leans and limb movements The more we can dive into fine details rather than just looking at the end result we will encompass the true points of learning. The practice will encompass "white moments" where time is going by extremely fast while we are so consumed in the process.