One Head Coach that I had the chance to work alongside had a common quote that he used during the season... "Focus on the process over the result". When we get distracted by the end goal, the final results that we want, we tend to forget about the stuff in-between. The process is what helps our mind get "In The Zone". It is what keeps our mind focused on the task at hand in-between the boards. By finding the process we become passionate about what we are doing. Review:
  • First off, think about a test or exam that you may have been studying for at school or university. Student A gets ready for the test by reading over their textbook and notes. Student B prepares by reading over their textbook and re-writing each chapter into small sections. Student C re-writes each chapter and then re-writes their notes into even finer detail. Think about what student has dove the deepest into their material to totally understand it.
  • When entering your next practice and you find yourself down and not into it right away look to immerse yourself in the small details of each drill. Look at setting objectives. The coach writes up a drill that involves a re-group into a 3v2 off the rush - You can be looking at having strong ice awareness early on in the drill and having the play slow down as it approaches from a quiet zone of the ice into an area of high exposure.
  • In a game if we focus on the areas of the game that we love we will begin to clear our mind of the points that distract us. The goaltender that looks at the opposing team as a threat, as a strong offensive puck moving team that will be tough to beat has a definite disadvantage over the goaltender who looks at the opposing team as a challenge, a team that provides a chance to help out their team with having a strong performance with a lot of action. In a game where you feel tight and tense, think about the task at hand. What situations must you be ready for each period. What will help gain momentum for your team? All of these are key to focusing on the present rather than the future end result.
  Remind Yourself:
  • The process of learning through trial and error IS satisfying!
  • Find out the small details... Know the HOW and WHAT for your task
  • To accomplish a task you must take action in the present
Focus: Process Over The Result