At times we watch the best in action and we begin to think, whow... would it be even possible to get to that level? How can that goaltender be that great? How can they string together that many wins... how can they maintain such a low GAA? How do they practice to that level daily?   Well to get to the point of being a professional we first must notice that every professional had to go through CHANGE. Not just 1 change, but countless changes within their life.   We must understand that it is difficult to improve and that their will be a struggle to reach your next level. Many years back I was in a conference where Melanie Davidson - 2006 and 2010 Team Canada Female Olympic Gold Medal Head Coach - spoke about how her teams accomplishments happened. One thing that radiates in my mind from when she was speaking to the room was how her athletes reached a new level. She used the statement: "Struggle and Emerge". With this statement we must realize that creating new habits within our game is difficult. Scientist BJ Fogg discusses tiny habits and says, "What you are lacking is the automaticity. You need to train this. " He further goes on to explain that by adding tiny habits you will be able hone in on change. Three things that help cause the behavior to change are: Some level of motivation to do the action, the ability to do it, and finally a trigger to action. When we combine motivation, ability and a real trigger to action we will have a habit ingrained.   Now leading on from this, when you are in your next lesson - break down what you are working on into a tiny habit. Plan it out, look to have a small success. Three months later many practices of working on this tiny habit take a look at how automatic it is!   Think like the greats of today. "Struggle and Emerge!"