When stepping onto the ice it is critical that we BELIEVE that we will win. As the University of North Dakota hockey team marches out of their dressing room they see a championship picture that states "Expect To Win." The athletes that have this inner-self belief in themselves and their team come out with confidence in their ability. They have no self-doubt Tips To Build Positive Self-Thoughts:
  • Number one I would say to finding that sense of confidence when you are at the rink is routine. As you get into your routine you begin to feel comfortable and at home. Think about when yo u go home, you have your room, your place that you feel the best in. The same goes for at the rink. Find a routine that helps your mind get at ease.
  • Feel BIG! When ever you think about yourself one of the main thoughts that should circulate your mind will be that "I am Big". Picture your big upper-body that provides coverage. Never think about yourself as being small. As soon as you think this holes will be exposed.
  • Soccer Net vs. Hockey Net. Which one do you like best? Well, I'm not sure who would be crazy enough to be a goalie.... in soccer. On the ice we just have a net that is six feet wide! During warm-up when Patrick Roy played he would crouch down at the blue line and stare at his net, trying to visualize it getting smaller and smaller. Not only did this make him feel big but it made him feel as if nothing would get by him. It helped him believe that nothing would ever get by him.
  Reminder to Review:
  • Think positive by viewing positive images
  • Picture the best you
  • Think Big
Focus: Build Your Confidence By Believing In Your Ability