PRACTICE FAST & PRACTICE SLOW.   Last night we opened up our week with the start of our three day Prospect Clinic out of Gateway Arena. This first ice session was a big transition for many goalies as they moved from taking weeks off to now preparing for Jr. Spring Training Camps - and being in an environment that demanded a lot out of themselves. Yes, training should be demanding and exhausting. When we are taken out of our comfort zone we find out what we didn't know about ourselves.   On the other hand - it is very important to practice slowly. In saying this, we are looking at how you process your repetitions of each drill. After a rep look at the following: - Was there positives? - Did you follow through and achieve the main objective of the drill? - Was your mind blank at the beginning of the drill - did you look to read the situation and not predict what will happen?   If one can learn from there experiences in each drill and really take time to leave a drill with specific pictures in their mind of what they found helpful they will ultimately leave practice with a strong mental connection.     When you are done a practice what do you remember? What sticks out in your mind - What pictures/ video of your game is left over for you to remember?