TRAIN YOUR BRAIN.   As you move through the month of April I want you to look at the object of being successful. The most successful athletes appear to have a gift.Are they just naturally talented?    Some may think, this guy trains the odd time and just gets it. How?   Well, for one... no athlete is just a natural at something. Each talented athlete has a mental connection with the skills that the dominate. They are patient. They make a mistake, pause... and then connect a small piece of their mistake to what they need to change.   The most talented THINK! They make connections and improve.   Do not wait for someone to tell you what happened. In order to improve and make dirastic changes you must be thinking. Get your mind wrapped around the process and what is happening. In a game, wrap your mind around what is going on. When you mind is in motion and working hard it is making connections. If you wait for someone to tell you what to do you will not see improvement.   In your next 1v1 session create a discussion with your instructor. After a couple repetitions through a drill open up a discussion about your instructor. Dive into details, speak up and state what is working and what you are having trouble with.If you talk about it you are thinking about it and creating connections!   SUCCESS COMES FROM YOUR MIND.