4 Months Until Puck Drop

Soon enough it will be the end of August and you will be hitting the ice in exhibition games and going through training camp. Ok... well this seems like a long time. With that said, time goes by fast. In order to get the most out of it you must plan!   54 goaltenders we train have already set up their One-On-One personal on-ice training sessions, Tactical Performance Sessions, and Movement Conditioning Sessions through June. July, and August. Now that they all got this set up it is key that they look at their personal game and start asking questions...1. What areas of my game went well this past season? 2. What are my strengths? 3. What three areas of my game need improvement over the Off- Season? If you have a plan you will have a clear view of your objectives. In turn, your objectives ultimately lead to your goals. Start building up your small success stories... tiny objectives... and then you will find you will be inching closer to your goals. Time to start planning and start accomplishing your small objectives!