Do You Like To Be Routine?

This past week we discussed how fast next hockey season will come and the importance of starting to plan out your summer training and structure your on- ice sessions around what YOU want to build on... what went well this past year, what needs improvement... what you take pride in. With that said, now it is time to start building your days. Athletes typically are people that are built around their personal "routine" habits. You should now have your next 3 months planned out in regards to both your on and off ice training. You need to know what you are doing daily in order to start that routine and having your mind at ease for how your are going to prepare for next season. Author Daniel Coyle states, "Repetition is the single most powerful lever we have to improve our skills, because it uses the built in mechanism for making the wires of our brains faster and more accurate." Get into action, build a routine and create some habits that revolve around building yourself a strong personal character.