Wake Up Call.

Over the weekend we had our Showcase Exposure event. Games, practices, Testify, and Goaltender specific sessions were all included. We had a total of 9 goaltenders take part in the event. On Saturday morning we had a goalie training session where each goaltender took part in 3 different tactical drills that showed their ability to handle traffic, depict an attack off the rush, and have strong ice awareness. After the session we reviewed a couple key areas and drove home the fact that at this time of year it is difficult to feel good after an ice session. Tough to feel satisfied. With not being on the ice that often we don't feel that comfortable. We must understand that it takes time to get back into feeling as if our mind is in-front of us, and not focused internally on what we are doing.   Mistakes are not bad. Failure is not fatal. In order to grow one must analyze and learn from what they have done in the past. Use what you don't like and adjust, turn it around into focusing on how you can improve. There will be no improvement until you start to make a change. Change comes from analyzing the past and setting goals.