Become The Top Goalie In Your Age/ Level!

Their is no price that you have to pay to be rewarded with benefits. Simply there are benefits that you are rewarded with from doing what you are in charge of! Remember that. You do not pay the price, you are rewarded with the benefits.   We can go to practice wait for someone to tell us what to do... or we can go into a practice, into a personal one-on-one session at GDI and plan out what you want to work on. I am telling you that there is no one goaltender at a professional level right now that has reached where they are by not having personal motivation.   We must love what we do. Anyone that achieves greatness loves what they do. Some athletes wonder how that one guy is in the gym so much... they wonder how he is able to wake up that early to go for a run or do a morning conditioning session on ice. Well, these guys have passion. To be honest, the majority of the time these athletes don't feel they are working. Well, I'm sure when they are struggling in the gym or they are pushing through that last 15 minutes in an ice session in June they are feeling the grueling "work - ethic"! But, during the time of excruciating pain they're brain tells them something. There is an internal reminder of "Hey, I am doing this for a reason." There is a reminder of benefit with that personal reminder.   The goaltender that walks into the gym, or skates onto the ice and has a mindset of taking control and enjoying what they do will be better tomorrow. They will be better than the goaltender that is in the opposite end that can't wait to be done!