Last week we brought up the fact that it takes a long time to develop habits. Weeks... Months.... But, once you do have that habit developed it may be very difficult to change or loose it! Over the past two months I hope that you have taken the time to drive home details that you want in your game, and with working on them not expecting them to happen after one practice. Continue to focus on them, continue to drive home what you want to be dominant in your game. One goaltender that is looking to play his first year of Jr. A this year comes in and consistently says that he wants to work on his eyes. The majority of time practicing he want to work on visually tracking pucks. He relates to other areas also but every time he wants to touch on his visual attachment. Now with that said, do you think he will be dominant in that are if it is his main focus over the summer?   Keep building, the next two weeks here will go by quick and then we start heading into the Fall/ Winter!