This week we are going to continue with our last discussion on building our game one piece at a time. As we start our GDI Summer Camps we opened up the morning orientation yesterday with a discussion on what each goaltender will take from the camp by the weeks end. After a 5 day camp goaltenders can feel overwhelmed with the amount of things that they learned. What one must take a from a week camp or a two month program is the following:
  • What strengths in your game have remained your strengths?
  • Have you learned something new that is now a standpoint in your game, an area that won't be lost?
  • What areas have you gained confidence in?
  • What areas are new to you that you like and won't to improve?
Ultimately, many don't change their game...they enhance it! The reason I say this is because each goaltender has their own way of doing things... their own belief system in what works for them. By coming to see the staff at GDI Goaltending we look to help each goaltender within their "own way" and develop more confidence in how they go about executing their game. Moving through this first week of August lets look to keep building, and continue to drive home those strengths in our own personal game that show our best self on the ice!