We have said it before, and we will say it again... "One Day At A Time". In order to stay on track and not get ahead of yourself it is important to live by this motto. We all have a perspective of where we want to be in a months time, but in order to get to that point we must manage our mind for where we are today. GDI Prairies - Mental PerformanceOur brain is the most complex organ inside our body. With this said, it should be the most looked after within our personal game as a goaltender. We must look to take care of our thoughts and manage our thinking. One author describes this as "thinking about our thinking". Take the upcoming weeks for example. When going from one day to the next in training camp we must know that every day is their own and we cannot get ahead of ourselves. If there is a bad day on the ice you should look to clear that day out of your mind and start fresh the next day. A coaching staff is looking for a goaltender that is consistent and that they can rely on, not one who is up and down. The same can be said for the motto... "One Shot At A Time". Every shot in practice must be taken with the same amount of detail and attention. We can not have 5 saves that you visually track and then 5 saves that you partially track. Why does this matter? Well, we have all heard of the habits. As soon one action begins and ends your brain remembers it. If that action happens again your brain creates a stronger connection of this. With every repeated exposure, you fire a circuit and special cells called Oligodendrocytes reach out and wrap the nerve with a layer of fat, called myelin. This myelin that wraps around the nerve helps the neural pathway of this action become more efficient - transmitting information at faster speeds. We must take note from this that everything we repeatedly stays with us and will come up again unless we correct it. Furthermore, beyond practice, for a game we cannot have one shot that pumps us up for feeling good and then moments later one that goes in without our full attention. With the "one shot at a time" motto we must know that every shot in a game is different. Being alert and ready for every different situation is very important.