Keeping the mindset of being at a level zero is key to achieving continued success within a game. Every  athlete has a way of turning a 60 minute game into small moments in time. If a marathon runner was going to complete 26 miles it would be an extremely tough task if he compared his results to how much further he has to go.   Tips That Will Help You Breakdown Your Games:
  • Break each period down to smaller segments. Go by each whistle. Make sure that from each stoppage of play you are into the game mentally focusing on what is happening between the boards and not outside.
  • 5-7 minute segments work great per period. Think about this as a small game and then another small game.
  • Use the break in play. If there is a whistle use this time to relax and calm your mind.  Have a sip of water and know how to reset your mind to refocus when the game starts up again

  • Small successes will stack up to big results. If you team scores a goal or if you kill off a penalty know that it is a small area of success within the big picture. Be proud of it and then continue to achieve more small successes to get ahead. Don't be satisfied with the "now".
  • Know how to change the channel. Know when your thinking is going in the right direction and when it is not. When your thinking is negative and is internally focused on yourself know that you can "change the channel" and bring your thinking to externally focusing on the game in front of you.

  Reminder to Review:
  • Break the game down into small segments
  • Stay motivated for every task within the  game
  • Know the channel that you want to be watching
Focus: Stay At Level Zero… No Matter What You Have Already Accomplished