Repetition is the mother of skill until it gets conditioned, then it becomes automatic! All goaltenders have been on teams where practice feels like drills are of rapid fire for the players. Target practice some may call it.    An athlete must make sure that in practice their is a true focus of deliberate practice. One cannot go through drills just focusing on results of stopping the puck. With this said, it is important that coaches take the time to adjust their team practices to being set up for proper habits for both their players and their goaltenders. Habits such as: - Having a proper post- save response - Visually tracking the puck to its new location after a save and recovering to the new position. - Puck collection - Visually tacking the puck off of your lower body or pads and viewing it within 3 feet in front of you and immediately collecting it with your stick to cover. - Having strong ice awareness - Aiming to prepare for the situation in advance, understanding the threats of possible options for the puck carrier.   A standard is not a rule - it is a governed character trait that has personal meaning. The true GDI Goaltender will enter their practice with set standards in regards to what they must do on and off the ice.