Many goaltenders go home and have certain images playing through their mind good or bad about their game. The images we see, the thoughts we think all contribute to our self confidence. Ultimately our game revolves centrally around our ability to perform. Without being confident there will be no successful performance. One example that can be easily related to how we prepare to have confidence and prepare to have success would be looking at how we study for school. For example, taking an important test when you haven’t studied, you feel the pressure as you head to class. However, if you have cracked your books, you are disappointed when you learn the professor has postponed the exam.  When you are confident with your ability you will be eager to perform in games.   Tips That Will Help You Maintain Your Confidence:
  • Prepare religiously. Review both your strengths and weaknesses and look to enhance them both.There shouldn't be an over emphasize on one over the other. Some days to get that good feeling before a game or to get back into the right "feeling" you need to do real simple drills. These can be extremely effective in the fact that your mind is having very minimal thought - you are just doing the action.
  • Review more video on the areas of your game that are working for you. Space in a couple things you want to improve on but don't make that your central focus. We want to keep our strengths and not loose them!
  • Keep your thoughts balanced on hockey, school, and your social life. There needs to be a balance, we can't have hockey on our mind every moment we are awake as this will only create a stress on our mind.

  • Make the most out of your time that you have on the ice. When you go into a team practice, a goalie session, etc.. make sure you treat it like there is nothing more important in the world. This is your time to improve, to get better, to be more confident in your game. We build confidence by having goals and achieving them. Think about using all of the allotted time in a practice to work in detail on your game. If you do that you will have a personal sense of accomplishing something and you will feel at ease going into your next game. With this said, we never want to go into a game thinking about changing our game. Simply think about what you do and how you do it best.
  • Repeat positive self-talk. When we are in silence at home, sitting somewhere outside, or wherever... typically thoughts begin to creep into our mind. We start to think up stories, predictions about what will happen to us. This is not bad. But, we must make sure that we are thinking in a productive manner. Don't stray off into going south - leaning on negatives and imaging poor qualities that we put on ourselves. It is said that when we visually see an action that our muscle fibers are actually twitching and working. Think right, see right, and then you will perform that right way.
  Reminder to Review:
  • Prepare in order to be eager to play
  • Keep strengths on our mind
  • Positive self-talk
Focus: Maintain Confidence... As Confident Goaltenders Lead to Consistent Goalies