Vaughn Ventus LT98Vaughn Adds Carbon Fiber To Improved Ventus LT98 Vaughn Custom Sports has updated its Ventus line for 2015, adding its Carbon Enhanced Performance technology to the line to create its lightest, most durable flat-faced pad to date: the all-new Ventus Pro LT98. The new Vaughn Ventus LT98 pad includes a top-to-bottom carbon fiber layer on the face of the pad that produces more active rebounds, while keeping the weight down around five pounds. With full flat-face front construction, a single break outer roll, taller scoop break angle and higher knee location, the design provides a precise preformed shape that optimizes fit, comfort and performance while also maximizing blocking surface. Unlike Vaughn's Velocity models, which break up the carbon fiber layers to match the flex points of the pad, the Ventus pad has one piece connected to the foam core from top to bottom. That makes sense, since Ventus was never intended to play exactly like Velocity. Where the flexible Velocity line is designed to be worn tighter to the leg and move with it, the stiffer Ventus is intended to fit a bit looser around the leg, allowing the leg to move within the pad with minimal resistance when transitioning into and out of the butterfly. Already one of the lightest flat-face pads when it debuted in 2012-13, adding carbon fiber to the new Ventus line not only reduces weight while improving durability, but placing that layer on the front of the pad creates an even more active rebound, buying the goaltenders more time to recover to the next position after making a save. GDI Goalie Martin Jones sat down with InGoal Magazine to discuss the new Vaughn Ventus LT98. "What I noticed first is I felt lighter," Jones told InGoal. "I felt quicker." "The way I like to wear my pads, I like that it feels a little more secure on my leg," Jones said. "I don't wear mine too loose. For me the idea is to wear it just loose enough so it will rotate easily around my leg when I go down but tight enough that is still feels responsive, not like it's floppy. That's why I like these: they find the right balance." To read more Click Here James ReimerVaughn continues to be a partner of GDI Goaltending and is the number one choice of equipment for GDI Goalies. That list includes James Reimer (Toronto Maple Leafs), Martin Jones (Los Angeles Kings), Jason Kasdorf (RPI Engineers), Ty Edmonds (Prince George Cougars) and many more. Vaughn equipment demos are also available at The Rink Training Centre with GDI Goaltending. Currently available for demos: Vaughn Velocity 4 7250 (28″+1) Vaughn Velocity 5 7800 (35″+1) Vaughn Ventus LT90 (34″+2) Contact us at for more information.