GDI's Vaughn Pro-Fitting Centre is changing the way you buy goaltending equipment.

In order to get the most out of your equipment, you need to have the proper fit.

The staff at GDI are all Vaughn Certified Fitters and will be able to properly size and fit you from head to toe in Vaughn equipment!

Not only will you be properly sized and fitted, you will also be able to try out the equipment on the ice! The on-ice portion of a Vaughn Pro-Fitting Centre Fitting/Demo will allow you to discover what style of Vaughn equipment works best for your game.

We have a wide variety of demo equipment available for use.

A fitting/demo consists of:

  • 30 Minute Pre-Ice Fitting
  • 60 Minute On-Ice Equipment Demo (GDI 1v1 Lesson)
  • 30 Minute Post Ice Time Equipment Review

At the Vaughn Pro-Fitting Centre we offer a huge selection of Vaughn goaltending equipment including the Ventus, V6 and brand new V7 line!

Custom equipment orders are also available through the Vaughn Pro-Fitting Centre.

For more information on the Vaughn Pro-Fitting centre email us at