When Ian Clark was asked about the difference between Vezina Trophy-winning Sergei Bobrovsky and the win-some, lose-some Bobrovsky who sat the bench for the second straight game last night, the Blue Jackets goaltenders coach grinned. “It’s minuscule,” he said. Minuscule has a weird feel to it, doesn’t it? Last season, Bobrovsky played like Superman between the pipes, and the Blue Jackets almost made the playoffs. After a 4-1 loss last night to Ottawa, the Jackets are 5-9-0. When last season began, no one thought he would make a run at the Vezina Trophy, awarded to the top goaltender in the NHL. Then, Bobrovsky was a co-No. 1 goalie with Steve Mason. The Blue Jackets started 5-12-2, but after they finally gave Bobrovsky the job, they finished 19-5-5. Clark believes Bobrovsky will get back there. He also points out that the lockout-shortened season created a different set of circumstances and said his 25-year-old workaholic pupil might have to channel his energy differently. “Last year for me was a sprint, and it took on a whole complexion of its own with optional practices and days off and game days,” Clark said. “This is more of a marathon. This is the first year where he’s come in as an anointed No. 1 goaltender with huge expectations, and he’s a young player still. It’s a matter of getting acclimatized to the complexion of this marathon season. “We all know how much work he does off the ice. That’s well-documented. We’re working on finding a good balance between all of that work to ensure that his energy, focus and concentration are hitting a peak for game nights and he’s not expending them elsewhere where it’s not as productive.” Finding that is no luxury. It’s becoming clear that the Blue Jackets desperately need the old Bobrovsky or a reasonable facsimile to win. But is that a realistic expectation? Clark thinks so. When asked if there’s any concern on his part, his smile answered before he did. “No,” he said. “None.” For the full article by Bob Hunter for The Columbus Dispatch Blue Jackets Extra Click Here.   Ian is recognized as a leading educator of the goaltending position as his knowledge and innovative approach has attracted high-performance goaltenders at the NHL, minor pro, major junior and NCAA levels.He was the founder of GDI (the Goaltender Development Institute) and served as technical author of From the Crease – The Self Development Guide to Hockey Goaltending from 1998-2003 and The Goalie News from 2003-08. Ian Clark joined the Columbus Blue Jackets as goaltending coach on June 6, 2011. He joined the organization after serving as the Vancouver Canucks goaltending coach and consultant from 2002-10.