Don't Wait to Train!

With the partnership of EL1TE Performance, GDI Prairies has established many new prosperous training options that will lead to each goaltenders individual success.

EL1TE provides a world that incorporates every athletes desire. Along with a state of the art facility, featuring every platform to ones performance, EL1TE brings a professional and personal approach to each athlete that they train and rehabilitate. Rather than other companies who have preset routines and a one-size-fits-all-mentality, EL1TE uses a comprehensive evaluation to design a customized program, specific to the athlete, his or her sport, and often their position. From this approach, EL1TE guarantee's superior performance and results.

Becoming the link to your success, GDI Prairies, The Rink, and EL1TE, will provide you with the tools you need and the people to get you there.

Contact Elite and book your consultation today! Phone (204) 831-6758