GDI Prairies summer registration now available for Winnipeg Advanced and High Performance Summer Camps. Also, Winnipeg's Mid-Season Tune-Up still has spots left. For camp registration click here.

GDI's Mid-Season Tune-up refreshes the goaltenders mind and muscle memory.Timed with the Christmas layoff, Midseason Tune-ups provide goalies with an outstanding refresher course just before the stretch run to the playoffs.

GDI's Summer Camps are designed for a progression of skill levels, with these camps being vital to the long-term growth of a goaltender. Camps for the first two skill levels (INTRO1 and ADV2) drive home the fundamental skills necessary for more sophisticated development. Camps for the third skill level (HP3) provide the highest-level instruction available on a regional basis and are designed for elite-level netminders.

What to expect when attending camp with GDI
  1. Physically demanding on and off-ice sessions
  2. Fitness testing
  3. Classroom/Pre-Ice to enhance goaltenders knowledge
  4. Detailed focus on Position Specific Movement
  5. Off ice development (power, speed, agility, strength, quickness, aerobic and anaerobic systems)
  6. Flexibility and Hand Eye development
  7. Daily journal sessions and pre-ice preparation
  8. Professional instruction
  9. Unparalleled structure and progressive drill planning
  10. Being pushed outside your comfort zone and receiving the best development experience of your goaltending career

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