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Earlier this year, the city of Winnipeg was buzzing with speculation that the NHL was about to announce its return. First, it was the Atlanta Thrashers that were coming. Then it was the Phoenix Coyotes. The rumours dissipated, but not the fever didn't. In Part 2 of our series Why Not Canada, we size up the chances of an NHL return to Winnipeg 14 years after the Jets left town.

Darren Ford started his Bring Back the Jets website (jetsowner.com) seven years ago - inspired by the fact Winnipeg was getting a new downtown arena.

"When that arena started to become a reality, when they started building it in 2003 - that's when I kind of started seeing things that could happen," he told TSN. "I wanted to create a hub where people could come, chat on a chat board. Relive old memories...and it just snowballed from there."

The Jets played their last game in Winnipeg in April of 1996, done in by the winds of change in the NHL. New American cities were coming on board and salaries were skyrocketing. And the small Canadian market with the arena from a bygone era simply couldn't keep up.

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