P Ventus SLR Intermediate

Date2 years ago
  • Loose fit style with front groin pads
  • Lace up front, shoe style upper lace attachments
  • Wide thigh guards with slight curve for added net coverage
  • Inner adjustable support belt
  • Inner five-hole blockers on inner thigh
  • Upper waist section has wider increased coverage design
  • Molded kidney protection and segmented HD inserts in waist
  • Extended upper tail bone padding with HD insert and wider crotch stretch panel for added flex
  • Thigh pads have a 10″ width
  • Wide cut pant for added diameter of waist size
  • Available in Black, Navy, Red
  • Available in sizes. L (26-28), XL (28-30), XXL (30-32). Actual waist size.
Pants Size Pro
Pants Size Inter
Pants Size IntermediateM (24-26)
L (26-28)
XL (28-30)
XXL (30-32)
Pants Size Junior

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