GDI has continued to be the front-runner in providing the most comprehensive training methods from year to year. GDI has, over the last number of years, added programs to the front and back end of its traditional ADV2 and HP3 programs.

The additions of our INTRO1, ELITE, and PROSPECT programs have expanded the scope of our curriculum. As we pride ourselves in revolutionizing the position, we continue to revisit the entire curriculum in a cohesive manner.

GDI’s progressions and corresponding themes include:

Introduction to Goaltending INTRO1
FOCUS: Foundation Development

Advanced ADV2
FOCUS: Introduction to Multi Inputs

High-Performance HP3
FOCUS: Advanced Technical and Multi-Input Training

FOCUS: Advanced Technical and Game Dynamic Training

FOCUS: Building Game-Pertinent Intangibles


GDI’s camps have long stood for a comprehensive approach to goaltender development with a strong emphasis on the technical, psychological, physiological and equipment dimensions of the game. Starting in 2013, GDI’s performance focus has broadened to include the following array of performance inputs:

  1. Technical
  2. Reactive
  3. Competitive
  4. Instinctive
  5. Anticipatory
  6. Athletic
  7. Mental

Continuing to study and evolve GDI has broadened his instructional approach and philosophy, along with both the on-ice and off-ice curriculums to accommodate each of these crucial inputs. Each goaltender attending GDI will not only be exposed to each of these but will explore, within themselves, their unique recipe for success. GDI will help facilitate this personal journey and exploration.


Sample Report Card (.pdf)


TIME: Approximately 8am-5pm

2.5 Hours On-Ice Technical Development and Position Specific Movement Conditioning
Daily Off-Ice Fitness Testing
Off-Ice Development (Dryland), Stretching and Hand-Eye Coordination
On-Ice Video Analysis
Daily Journals to document all drills and key points, evaluate weekly and yearly goals along with strengths and weaknesses of a personal development
Comprehensive Evaluation Report and graphed results of fitness testing and performance during the week


  • BRANDON         BRANDON SPORSTPLEX          ( Contact us for details )
  • BRANDON         BRANDON SPORTSPLEX          ( Contact us for details )
  • DAUPHIN          CREDIT UNION PLACE             ( Contact us for details )
  • WINNIPEG        EAST END ARENA                     ( Contact us for details )
  • WINNIPEG        RIVER HEIGHTS                        ( Contact us for details )
  • WINNIPEG        EAST END ARENA                      ( Contact us for details )
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